Soffit & Fascia


Quality and Looks that have Withstood the Test of Time.

Spruce up the cracked or rusted trim on your home with decorative soffit and fascia. It's an easy and economical way to give your home a bright, new look and protect your most precious investment.

Maintaining the eaves and overhangs of your home can be a chore. Soffit provides a beautiful finished appearance while providing the ventilation you need to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics. Soffits are available in an array of styles and a large selection of fully saturated colors that reflect the latest design trends. If your home has a porch, a projecting entryway or other extended overhangs soffit can be used to add interest.
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Looking To Update Your Home?

Simpler updates include adding trim accessories such as shutters or moldings or changing the color on the trim, fascia and soffit. These architectural differences will change your house relatively inexpensively, compared to the value they will add to its curb appeal. And the updates make you feel good about your house.

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1. Eliminates the hard work of maintaining overhangs - no more scrapping, painting and peeling
2. Protects fascia board from dry rot and cracking
3. Helps reduce build-up of heat and humidity in attic space
4. Aluminum and Vinyl soffit and fascia are available with a smooth or wood grain finish
5. Rich decorative colors and complementary trims provide exceptional beauty and limitless design possibilities
6. Wide range of products to cover all possible applications (Available in Solid, Vented and Center Vented panels).
7. Lifetime material warranties available
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